Healthy cooking starts with a healthy pan

The right cookware makes all the difference

GreenPan is the go-to brand for healthy non-stick cookware. In 2007 it was the first brand that introduced PFAS-free ceramic non-stick cookware to the market. It was the start of a worldwide cookware revolution! Since then, GreenPan has become the leading expert in healthy PFAS-free cooking, extending its categories with bakeware and small kitchen appliances.

Superior PFAS-free ceramic non-stick

Advanced Thermolon™ non-stick coating

Greenpan’s unique Thermolon™ coating is based on raw materials originally derived from sand and does not contain any harmful PFAS chemicals. That is better for your health and the environment. Thanks to smart technology, the Thermolon™ non-stick coating is also extremely durable and scratch-resistant so you can safely cook with it for many years. The coating performs excellently on all hobs and guarantees superior cooking results. Today, Thermolon™ is one of the most advanced healthy non-stick coatings on the market.  

Innovation at its best

User-friendly design with excellent performance and great looks

GreenPan’s high-quality cookware is not only healthy, but also easy to use. It helps you cook with less oil or butter, is easy to clean and looks beautiful. Innovative designs are cleverly combined with excellent functionality and amazing performance. Research, technical know-how and innovation are key for the brand. Today GreenPan continues to develop innovative technology to take the Thermolon™ coating and designs to the next level. The brand has also expanded its horizon with the launch of PFAS-free bakeware and PFAS-free electric kitchen appliances. That is how GreenPan keeps setting new standards, moving the world towards a healthier way of cooking.