Made for life

Cookware for every recipe and every occasion

Cooking involves so much more than putting a meal on the table. It brings us together with the people we love. It connects us more than we realize. Cooking is a great time to reflect on your day, or to celebrate the little (and big) things that colour your life. Whether you are cooking for a special occasion or preparing a weekday dinner, a healthy meal or something deliciously indulgent, a challenging or a simple dish: at BK, we have pans for every dish and every occasion. Because BK is made for life. 

170 years of Dutch heritage

From generation to generation

BK is true Dutch household brand, an institution. It has become a brand loved through generations of cooking. Grandmothers using our frying pans to cook a famous meatball recipe, a neighbor offering to sample a heavenly tomato soup which she prepared in a BK soup pan, or a dad preparing another memorable Christmas lunch with a trusted BK roaster.    

Superb quality & unique design

A perfect marriage between functionality and aesthetics

Quality and safety are a priority in our collection, as you can tell by the sturdy materials, we use including stainless steel, cast iron and enamel. Our innovative designs have won multiple awards. Our unique draining system for example has been a real game-changer. It shows beautifully how functionality and aesthetics can complement each other. 

A sustainable choice

A perfect marriage between functionality and aesthetics

Whether you are looking for pans that last a lifetime or the PFAS-free ceramic coating that all our non-stick pans have, thanks to BK you can be sure of an amazing cooking experience, while making a sustainable choice.